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In this article you'll find recommendation for the best-valued air purifier to remove dust.

However, it is important to note that we, at believe that unless you have a health problem, you don't need any air purifier to control dust. Regular vacuuming and wiping go a long way to control common household dust.

In contrast, if you are one of the people who suffer from dust allergy, then we hope that a good quality air purifier can make a difference in your life.

(You can see whether you actually need an air purifier to remove dust from your surrounding by reading our article: Do You Need an Air Purifier for Dust Control ?)

NOTE: If you are in hurry for shopping, go straight to our recommendation section. Otherwise, we encourage you to scroll down to read our evaluation criteria for choosing the best dust air purifier.

Best Air Purifier to Remove Dust - Evaluation Criteria

In choosing the best dust removal air purifier, we set this following criteria:

First, it's safe.

With regard to the safety of air purifier, it is recommended to only choose dust removal air purifier which does not produce ozone, a strong oxidizer which can irritate respiratory pathways and soft tissues.

As a rule of thumb, all HEPA filter-based air purifiers do not emit ozone, whereas most ionic air purifiers and all ozone air purifiers emit ozone, hence posing you to some health hazards. There are exceptions on this, but generally ionic air purifiers emit ozone, albeit within EPA guideline.

Second, it's effective without being overboard.

It is important to have a dust removal air purifier which meets your needs. There is no use to go overboard and buying the most expensive air purifier out there if you need it to curb dust, both visible and non visible. However, if you have severe asthma, COPD, or chemical sensitivity, along with your allergy, then it's worth to buy the top-of-the-class air purifier, so that you can get the relief you deserve.

In fact, if you suffer from respiratory diseases, we suggest you to have a look at our asthma air purifier page, where we outline the criteria and recommendation for people with respiratory disease.

We also would not choose air purifiers which are cheap and are only equipped with HEPA-like, as opposed to, true HEPA filter , because they won't be good enough to control and remove dust to make any difference in the life of an allergy sufferer.

Third, it offers the best value.

The best way to examine value is to look at two things:

  • Cost vs power.

  • Effectiveness

As a rule, an air purifier which is good for 500 sq. feet should be priced less than $500.

US and European-made premium (top of the line) air purifiers such as Blueair, IQAir, and so forth, tends to be priced very close or a bit more than the standard we quoted above. But they are very effective, being able to capture every size and all sorts of air contaminants at more than 85% effectiveness per single pass. The top of the line air purifiers such as IQAir, Alen, and Blueair, even manages to get that figure to over 99%. This is no small feat.

Air purifiers made by US home appliance manufacturers, including Honeywell, Hamilton Beach, and so forth, tends to be priced lower. So you have, for instance, an air purifier for 350 sq. feet priced at just below $200. They are good, but not as good as the premium air purifier. The average effectiveness to curb all sorts of air contaminants per single pass is anywhere between 65-75%.

We find that the best dust removal air purifiers are produced by Asian-made companies. Their products are priced similar to air purifiers put out by US appliance manufacturers, but their products are more effective, much more quieter, and contains modern conveniences. In terms of effectiveness, these Asian-made air purifiers even manage to get close to the levels of US/European-made premium air purifiers.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best air purifier for dust removal, we wholeheartedly recommend these air purifiers.

Best Dust Removal Air Purifier

1. Smaller Room ~ Winix Plasmawave 5300

Winix PlasmaWave 5300 Air Cleaner is a very good unit for room approximately 200-300 sq. feet. Considering its effectiveness and price (approximately $180), this is one of the dust removal air purifiers with the best value. One caution though, depending on the severity of your allergy, you may want to place this dust air purifier in a room smaller than the recommended size (350 sq. feet). Since the CADR (clean air delivery rate) of this air purifier is 248 for dust, 235 for smoke, and 251 for pollen, it's best to be placed in a 300 sq. feet room for a mild dust allergy sufferer, or in a 200 sq. feet room for people with more severe allergy, instead of the recommended 350 sq. feet.

This Korean-made air purifier have a safe and sound filtration technology. It comes equipped with a germicidal prefilter, a true HEPA filter, a germicidal screen, and an activated carbon filter to address gases and odor problems. Instead of using an ionizer to boost its gas-curbing power, it uses plasma technology, termed plasmawave. Basically, this machine sends out hydroxyl radicals, which are strong oxidizers with very short half life. These radicals will then neutralize gases, bacterias, and so forth.

Winix PlasmaWave 5300

If you opt for Winix Plasmawave and want more control on odor, smoke, and gases, you will have to rely on the plasmawave technology a lot, since the machine's activated carbon filter content is not substantial enough to have a rapid effect on gas removal. However, you need to place the machine such that it's not too close to the users when it's on the plasmawave mode.

Similar to other Asian-made air purifiers, Winix Plasmawave comes with a lot of bells and whistles. Timer, various sensor and remote control are available with this machine. In addition, this machine is also as quite as a mouse and is energy star-certified.

2. Bigger Room ~ Rabbit Air BioGS

If you're looking for the best dust air purifier for bigger room, look no further than Rabbit Air BioGS series.

Although when first coming up they were priced around $500-650 (MSRP), these good quality air purifiers have had the price slashed for quite a while now. Therefore, only with $330 or $399, you can own either Rabbit Air BioGS 421A (certified for 600 sq. feet) or Rabbit Air BioGS-582A (certified for 780 sq. feet), respectively. However, if you have allergy, we recommend you to increase the air change of these air purifiers by putting them in smaller rooms as follows:

  • People with mild to moderate dust allergy: place BioGS-421A in a 450 sq. feet room, or place BioGS-582A in a 600 sq. feet room.
  • People with moderate to severe dust allergy: place BioGS-421A in a 350 sq. feet room, or place BioGS-582A in a 480 sq. feet room.

Briefly, this series of air purifiers is equipped with a prefilter, germicidal true HEPA filter (BioGS HEPA filter), and activated carbon filter which is effective to filter gases. This arrangement is pretty standard for any good quality HEPA filter air purifiers. However, what makes these dust removal air purifiers unique is the use of germicidal filter which is still rare in US/European-made air purifiers, but is actually pretty common in Asian-made air purifiers.

Also, in common with other Asian-made air purifiers, Rabbit Air purifiers are quiet and almost silent at the lowest setting (19 dbA is like the sound of rustling leaves), do not consume much energy, are equipped with remote control, have ozone-free ionizers and come with air quality monitoring system/sensor. In short, Rabbit Air BioGS is the best dust removal air purifier because it's effective, equipped with modern conveniences, stylish, and is cheap for what it's capable to do.

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